Egypt Tours Packages

With Egypt tours packages, you can spend your vacation in the beautiful country. You can tour Luxor and Aswan on the Nile or visit Alexandria and Kom El Shokaf. You can also enjoy water sports in the Red Sea, known for its mirror-like transparency. One of the most unique experiences in Egypt is swimming in… Continue reading Egypt Tours Packages

Egypt Tours

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, you might be wondering where you should start. While you can choose a tour company from the Internet, you should also be aware of the various things to consider before making your booking. You might want to consider the cost, how to get a visa and if… Continue reading Egypt Tours

Day Tours in Hurghada

There are several attractions in Hurghada that make it a perfect destination for day tours. You can take advantage of a snorkeling tour at Orange Bay, visit the Sphinx, or take a Nile cruise from Hurghada. In addition to the attractions mentioned above, you will also enjoy the proper care and accommodation that comes with… Continue reading Day Tours in Hurghada