How to Plan a Day Trip to Egypt

For a day trip to Egypt, you should know the basic rules. You should dress modestly and use common sense while in Egypt, since it shares borders with neighboring countries. If you plan to visit a religious site, don’t take photographs without permission, and dress modestly in places where you are likely to encounter a… Continue reading How to Plan a Day Trip to Egypt

Day Tours in Hurghada

In order to enjoy a day of sightseeing in Hurghada, you will need to book a multi-day tour. Multi-day tours are designed to keep you in Hurghada for more than one day. These trips provide proper accommodation and care, as well as an exclusive sightseeing experience. To make your tour a memorable one, we recommend… Continue reading Day Tours in Hurghada

Day Tours in Hurghada

There are plenty of attractions and activities that you can enjoy on a day tour from Hurghada, and there are many options for sightseeing. Visit the Luxor Temple – the most famous tourist attraction on the East Bank of Egypt. This site is just 15 minutes from the train station, and it includes many statues… Continue reading Day Tours in Hurghada

Egypt Tours Packages

If you’re thinking of taking an Egypt tour, consider one of the many Egypt tours packages offered. From Luxor to Aswan, a Nile River cruise will take you to the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, and Com El Shokaf. If you’d prefer to see more of the country, there are plenty of packages that offer… Continue reading Egypt Tours Packages

Hurghada Tours

Did you know that Hurghada is home to some of Egypt’s best tours? From snorkeling and windsurfing to quad biking safaris, you’ll find everything you need to know about the astronomical night tours of Hurghada. Read on to learn more. There are plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting Hurghada, and the best part is,… Continue reading Hurghada Tours