Day Tours in Hurghada

day tours in hurghada

When you are planning a trip from Hurghada to the other parts of Egypt, you might find it useful to know about the various day tours in Hurghada. You can choose to visit the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, and Luxor. There are also other options, such as a trip to Aswan. But what should you do in Hurghada to ensure that you enjoy the whole trip?

Luxor day trip from Hurghada

If you’re looking for an excursion that’s unique, why not consider a Luxor day trip from Hurghada? The trip is unique because it’s an all-inclusive package, including a private guide and A/C vehicle. It’s also ideal for families – your children can sleep the entire five-hour journey! This tour also includes entrance fees to several archaeological sites in Luxor.

Abu Simbel day trip from Hurghada

The first day of your Abu Simbel day trip from Hurghado will start in Asuan. This ancient temple was a renowned location for the battles and victories of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. Today, you can visit this temple, which speaks of the lives of the Ramses family and Nefertari. After your tour, you’ll return to Hurghada.

Valley of the Kings day trip from Hurghada

On a Valley of the Kings day trip from Hurghelda, tourists will have a chance to see the great Pyramids of Giza, Karnak Temple, and the Colossi of Memnon. A lunch on this trip is also included. The tour will start at 04:00 AM from your Hurghada hotel. Then, you will travel to Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt. In addition to the Valley of the Kings, you will have the chance to visit the famous Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings.

Aswan day trip from Hurghada

The tour includes the Great Temple of Ramses II, the crocodile-headed god Sobek, and Philae Island. Whether you are looking for a day trip to Egypt or a full-fledged vacation, this trip is sure to satisfy your needs. The tour starts early in the morning. Upon arrival, a representative will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to Aswan in an air-conditioned minibus. The road to Aswan may take up to six hours, but you will have time for stops along the way.

Changing the itinerary on a day tour in Hurghada

The most popular day tours in Hurghada are the ones that visit the Valley of the Kings. This ancient burial site sits on the west bank of the Nile in central Egypt and contains the tombs of renowned Pharaohs. The site also contains the Colossi of Memnon and the temple of Hatshepsut. Guests on this tour may have the opportunity to swim with dolphins.