Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Egypt Tours

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There are several Egypt tours you can choose from. These include Globus, Exodus, OAT, Memphis, and more. Each has its own unique tour offerings and benefits, so read on to find the right Egypt tour for you! But before you make your final decision, consider these tips and tricks for the best Egypt tour. Then, make the most of your trip! Here are some things you need to know. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of each tour company.


You’ve probably heard of Exodus Egypt tours before, but do they really have all the details? This documentary explores the archaeological evidence of the Biblical Exodus. Exodus Egypt tours include stops at the locations mentioned in the documentary, as well as other archaeological sites. These tours are a great way to get hands-on experience with the biblical story and gain valuable insight. You’ll learn how God provided for his people and the importance of the Promised Land. You’ll also learn about local traditions and the latest research into the Exodus.


When you book a tour through Globus, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits. You’ll get all-inclusive accommodations and transportation, as well as some meals. You can also opt to customize your itinerary and add extra days to your trip. You can choose from a variety of tours, each with different price ranges. Here’s how you can maximize your trip with Globus. Read on to learn more about the benefits of booking a tour through Globus.


OAT Egypt tours are designed to engage travelers in meaningful cultural interaction. Tours include meals with local families, visits to schools and small communities, hands-on activities, and traditional crafts. All tours are customized to meet the interests and needs of individual travelers. These tours are ideal for people looking for a truly unique experience. To learn more about OAT Egypt tours, read on. This article will highlight some of the most important facts you should know before departing for Egypt.


Located at the entrance of the Nile River Valley, Memphis played an important role in ancient Egyptian history. This ancient city was the capital of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, the period from 323 BCE to 30 BCE. Alexander the Great was crowned as pharaoh here, and the city was also home to the Rosetta Stone, which helped unlock the mysteries of the Egyptian language. To experience this fascinating history first hand, take an Egypt Memphis City Tour.


Two new tours are coming to Egypt next year, with a private tour of King Tutankhamun’s tomb included. The new tours also include multiple-night cruises on the Nile aboard the luxurious Oberoi riverboat. Visitors can also choose to take a balloon ride over the Pyramids as an optional extra. Tauck recently completed a decade-long conservation project on the famous tomb, restoring the wall paintings and laying new walkways.