Day Tours in Hurghada

day tours in hurghada

There are many different types of day tours in Hurghada, including snorkeling, diving, desert safaris, and more. You can also go on day trips to other Egyptian cities, such as Luxor and Aswan. Read on to learn more about what’s on offer when you visit this resort. You’ll be glad you did! Here are some of the best activities to do in Hurghada.

Luxor day trip from Hurghada

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, you’ll be pleased to know that you can do so on a day trip from Hurghada. The city of Luxor is a veritable open-air museum. You can visit the Temple of Karnak, the largest of its kind in the world, and admire the stunning views of the river Nile as you take in the breathtaking sights.

On a Luxor day trip from Hurghada, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the pharaonic capital of Thebe, and you’ll learn about its culture and history while you walk through the temples and columns covered in pharaonic inscriptions. You’ll also have an opportunity to marvel at the magnificent architecture and art of these ancient Egyptians. The day’s itinerary will conclude with a transfer to your hotel in Hurghada, which includes a buffet lunch and a tour of the Luxor Sphinx and Valley of the Kings.

Scuba diving excursions from Hurghada

Scuba diving excursions from Hurghada provide the ideal conditions for new divers. The purpose-built dive boats bring you closer to the underwater world. A typical day trip may include two dives and a snorkeling tour. Lunch will be served on the deck. Divers can choose between morning or afternoon dives. The elongated sandy beach is lined with resort hotels. Daily diving is the perfect way to learn more about diving.

One of the most popular scuba diving excursions from Hurghada is a seven-hour trip in the Red Sea. This excursion offers two dive stops for both novices and experienced divers. The excursion includes diving equipment, professional instructors, an onboard lunch, and transfers to and from the diving site. The trip also includes a luxury yacht, for those who do not want to spend all day in the water.

Sunset quad bike tour

If you are interested in experiencing the unique and picturesque scenery of Egypt, then a sunset quad bike tour in Hurghada is a great option. This tour starts with hotel pickup, where you’ll be given a safety briefing and instructions for off-road driving. You’ll be given a helmet and an explanation of how to operate the controls. Once you’ve completed your safety briefing, you’ll be on your way for a thrilling ride across the sands.

The sunset quad bike tour in Hurghada includes a visit to a Bedouin camp for a barbeque dinner and tea. Then, your guide will take you to a Bedouin village for an oriental show and a barbecue. The tour concludes with a scenic 25-km ride through the Arabian desert, with stops for pictures and a Bedouin-style dinner. You’ll be picked up from your hotel by the company’s representatives, and they’ll explain all of the equipment and safety measures you’ll need to know before getting on your quad.

Scuba diving excursions from El Gouna

Scuba diving excursions from El Gouna are a great way to experience the beauty of the Red Sea, while also taking advantage of the city’s nearby attractions. Starting at 08:00 am, guests will be transferred to a marina, where they will enjoy two stops for snorkeling and dolphin watching. The day will conclude with a visit to the aquarium and a return shuttle boat to the hotel.

Daytrip boats are generally between 17 to 28 metres and staffed by four crew members and two divemasters. Boats generally cruise at ten knots and are equipped with a sunbathing area, ladders, rinse tanks, and other amenities. These boats can accommodate up to thirty divers and include a fully-equipped dive shop, emergency oxygen tank, evacuation procedures, life jackets, and a ship-to-shore radio.