Day Tours in Hurghada

day tours in hurghada

There are plenty of attractions and activities that you can enjoy on a day tour from Hurghada, and there are many options for sightseeing. Visit the Luxor Temple – the most famous tourist attraction on the East Bank of Egypt. This site is just 15 minutes from the train station, and it includes many statues of King Ramses II, rams’ corridor, and pharaonic inscriptions. This is a must-see attraction that should be included in any Hurghada trip program.

Luxor Temple

If you’re in the area, consider one of the Day tours to Luxor Temple in Hurgada. This excursion takes you to the ancient Egyptian capital, which is also known as the world’s largest open-air museum. It is a must-see for any archaeologist. The Valley of the Kings is another popular attraction, where the tomb of King Tutankhamun once stood.

Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is a popular day trip from Hurghada. Guided group tours can cost between EGP740 and EGP1,490 and a two-day tour can cost as much as EGP3,350. Both types of tours include sightseeing at both the Luxor and Karnak temple complexes. A day trip to the Valley of the Kings includes a visit to the Mortary Temple of Hatshepsut, located at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings. Located in the Valley of the Kings, this tomb contains ancient architecture and gigantic statues dating from 1500 BC.


If you are planning to visit the Sphinx, a tour that covers the famous landmark in a day will be the perfect idea. A half-day tour will include a trip to see the Great Sphinx of Giza, a monolith statue of a lion. It is located in the Valley temple and has been hidden in the desert for most of its life. The statue was discovered in 1798 by Napoleon. It was discovered after Caviglia attempted to remove sand from the statue by digging a trench down its chest and along the length of the forepaws.

Horse and camel riding

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding on a horse, you’ll want to take part in a horse and camel riding day tour in Hurghada. These majestic creatures have a unique history and can gallop over miles without tiring. You can book a tour at a riding stable or a hotel and get a pick-up at your hotel. Beginner and advanced riders can both take part in the activities.

Scuba diving

If you want to get a taste of the underwater world, Scuba diving day tours in Hurghadha are the best way to go. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, this tour is perfect for you. You will get to see different types of marine life and colorful fish. You will also learn the basics of diving and meet other diving enthusiasts. On your day tour, you will have the opportunity to dive at two different dive sites.


You can enjoy the great waters of the Red Sea while on one of the Hurghada day tours. While swimming in the ocean can be dangerous, it is definitely an experience you will not soon forget. The warm, summer climate of the region makes it a popular destination for a swim. However, if you are not comfortable diving, there are many options for swimming in Hurghada, including the nearby Red Sea and shallow reefs.