Day Tours in Hurghada

day tours in hurghada

In order to enjoy a day of sightseeing in Hurghada, you will need to book a multi-day tour. Multi-day tours are designed to keep you in Hurghada for more than one day. These trips provide proper accommodation and care, as well as an exclusive sightseeing experience. To make your tour a memorable one, we recommend that you hire a private guide. There are many options for day tours in Hurghada.

Private day tours

If you want to see more than the modern sights of Hurghada, you can opt for private day tours in Hurghada. You will be taken to the ancient Egyptian city, Luxor, which is located on the eastern bank of the River Nile. You can take a guided tour through the city and learn about the culture, history, and monuments. You can also book a private car transfer to get to Luxor.

The Luxor tour starts from your hotel in Hurghada and takes about 3 hours. You will walk through temples and visit sanctuaries, including the Valley of the Kings. You will also have an opportunity to witness the mysterious Colossi of Memnon. This private tour is fully air-conditioned and includes a delicious lunch. If you have time to spare, you can also visit the Egyptian Museum.

Scuba diving

There are many different scuba diving day tours in Hurghada. Each of these tours includes an excursion from the resort to one of the area’s many diving sites. You can choose from one of the four popular dive sites, or you can opt for a more adventurous experience and dive a wreck. Regardless of what you are looking for, you’ll find it near Hurghada.

Scuba diving day tours in Hurghadoda are a great way to explore the underwater world. Day trips typically include 2 dives per trip, which lasts between 20 and 25 minutes each. Lunch is also included. The day trip will include transfer back to the hotel, allowing you to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Inexperienced divers can take advantage of this opportunity, as it’s not a dive club, but you can meet and interact with other diving enthusiasts.

Visiting the fish market

If you’re looking for an adventure in the Red Sea, you should make a visit to the local fish market while on your day tour of Hurghada. There are plenty of different options for tourists visiting the town, from a five-hour walking tour to a full-day excursion. A guided tour of Hurghada will give you an opportunity to visit the Mosque, local shops, and the famous fish market.

If you’re looking for a shopping opportunity, visit the fish market, located in the heart of Hurghada near the marina and the old arbor. This market offers a wide range of local fresh fish and other sea products. Creating a self-guided tour of Hurghada is fun and easy, as you can customize it to your own hotel’s location. Once you’re done, you can head to the marina to find some bargains!

Visiting the Sand Museum

Visiting the open-air Sand Museum is a must-do during your visit to Hurghada. You’ll marvel at the impressive, creative and historical sand sculptures created by global artists. Whether you’re interested in sand art, the Museum has something to offer every visitor. Afterward, you can relive your own childhood memories by strolling through the exhibitions and chatting with the artists.

In addition to the open-air museum, the open-air Sand City has an exciting history and fascinating sand sculptures. You’ll have the chance to see some of the earliest documented examples of sand art in the region. There are also statues of famous historical figures, cartoon characters, and Hollywood stars in the wonderland section. All in all, a visit to the Sand Museum is a must-do on your Hurghada day tours.