Day Trip in Egypt – Top Highlights, Locations, and Hours From Cairo

day trip in egypt

When it comes to day trips in Egypt, there is no better place to start than Cairo. This article will go over the Top Highlights, Locations, and Hours from Cairo to help you plan your perfect trip. After you have decided which location you want to visit, you’ll have the best idea of where to go and what to expect. It will also give you a sense of the general cost of such a trip, so you’ll know what to expect.

Highlights of a day trip in Egypt

On a typical day trip in Cairo, you should include a visit to the Golden Eagle Papyrus shop and the Hanging Church. You’ll get to see the ruins of the ancient temple of Karnak, and perhaps buy some souvenirs as well. The Hanging Church is located near the Golden Eagle Papyrus shop, and you can take free tea or coffee here. Nevertheless, the Golden Eagle Papyrus shop is more of a shopping experience than an historical site.

Another must-see on a day trip in Egypt is the Giza Plateau, where you can see ancient Egyptian structures. If you’re visiting Egypt during the winter, try to arrive before 8am, as it gets crowded around 10am. However, you’ll likely be able to avoid the midday heat at the pyramids if you go in the early morning. The pyramids themselves open at 8AM.


When you travel to Egypt, you will be surprised to discover how affordable it is to eat and drink. You can eat vegetarian fare for less than $1 USD per meal, while meat will set you back at least three times more. If you want to eat healthy, you can buy a bag of ful beans, which are similar to Mexican re-fried beans. You can buy a big bag for around five LE ($0.87). Alcohol is expensive in Egypt, so be aware that you can get by on less than $1 USD per drink.

While excursions are great for adding variety to your vacation, they can also add unnecessary fees to your bill. Do not feel pressured to purchase them; Egypt offers many extra experiences for tourists to enjoy. A light show at the Great Pyramids or a hot air balloon ride over the Luxor Sphinx are great options, but they are not required. Taking a day trip to Egypt will be less expensive than spending a week in the country.


Located at the foot of Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the world’s oldest continuously operating Christian monastery. It houses several ancient structures, including the Temple of the Oracle. Nearby Alexandria, a city founded by Alexander the Great, is the site of one of the world’s most famous mosques. The St. Catherine’s Monastery is also worth a visit, and you can hike up to the top of the city’s ancient gate to view panoramic views of the city.

If you’re in Cairo, you can also visit Wadi El Rayan, a Ramsar-listed wetland located within the oasis of Faiyum. Here, you’ll find the remains of fossilized whales and other wildlife. The area is also home to several other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Egyptian Museum. For a more adventurous outing, visit the desert city of Luxor.

Hours from Cairo

If you’re a traveler looking for a day trip from Cairo, it’s time to start planning your itinerary. Egypt has so much to offer, from ancient ruins to modern culture. You can spend a day exploring the capital city, or you can book a private driver to take you around the country. In Cairo, hiring a private driver is a convenient option, since drivers wait at different attractions to pick up and drop off tourists. It costs about $40 USD per driver for a day’s tour. When tipping drivers in Egypt, remember to give them between fifty and two hundred LE ($3-12).

Ain Al Sokhna is a beautiful resort town only two hours from Cairo. This oasis is surrounded by palm trees and huge rock formations and has a quaint atmosphere. Fishing trips can be taken in the Red Sea in this area, and there are several different options for a day trip from Cairo. The water is so beautiful here that you can’t help but feel relaxed.