Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

There are several different types of Egypt tours packages, so it is important to choose one that fits your interests. These packages will often include the infamous Nile cruise, ancient monuments, Gastronomy, and Deserts. There are also options for travelers on a tighter budget. Read on to find out how to make the most of your trip to Egypt. Let’s begin with some of the benefits of touring Egypt.

Nile cruise

There are several different types of Nile cruise Egypt tours packages. Nile Cruises All Inclusive tours are designed for those who want to travel in absolute style, and will include many of Egypt’s most important attractions and ancient monuments. All inclusive tours will also include many of the amenities of a cruise ship. These tours will include entrance fees to several sites, as well as a tour guide and transportation. However, you should be aware that Nile Cruises do not include the cost of any other optional services, so make sure that you understand the package before you book it.

Ancient monuments

When you book your next vacation, don’t just take any tour to Egypt; choose a tour that includes some of the best attractions there. Egypt tours packages can include a visit to the temples and ruins. Visiting a museum can help you learn about the culture and history of this ancient civilization. You can also book a tour that includes a museum visit. This can be a great way to get a deeper understanding of the country.


Whether you love experimenting with different flavors and textures, or simply have a taste for something exotic and new, the food on Egypt tours packages are sure to please your senses. You’ll learn about the food and culture of this ancient land as you sample local specialties and try a variety of dishes. Locals in Egypt tend to eat late, so you’ll have a chance to eat until late, too. Egyptian restaurants are open until 10pm, or later in the summer. As with all food in Egypt, serving portions are generous, but remember to be respectful of the local culture, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.


Visiting the desert is an experience like no other, and tours to the Egyptian desert combine ancient history with modern luxury. Around Egypt Tours offer a range of Egypt adventure tours that invite visitors to explore the Sahara of the country, the White Desert, the Siwa Oasis, and the Great Sand Sea. Along with desert safaris, you can also take a Nile cruise and experience the culture of the ancient Egyptians.

Train travel

While you can book your train tickets through the hotel’s concierge, you can also buy them directly from the Egyptian travel agencies. Trains in Egypt are usually full of travelers, so you’ll be glad to know that your trip includes breakfast and dinner. Sleeper compartments on the trains are small and comfortable, with a wash basin and bunk beds that fold out from the wall. Ticket prices are relatively expensive – especially for the facilities offered.