Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

Egypt tours packages vary depending on your travel goals and the season. While visiting this ancient country, you’ll be able to experience everything from the lapping waves of the Red Sea to the colossal statues of Ramses II. Here are some must-experiences for the traveler. What is included in an Egypt tour package? You can choose a package that has a combination of these three.

Egypt is a country of contrasts

Despite the country’s size, Egypt is a land of contrasts. Ancient and modern live side by side, and the culture is distinctly Egyptian. In Alexandria, you’ll find single sails of white cotton and ancient Egyptian temples. In Aswan, the country’s capital, you’ll find ancient pumps that draw water from Lake Nasser for irrigation. And if you’re looking for a mystical experience, the country of pyramids may be right for you.

It is a must-visit destination during all seasons

When planning your vacation, Egypt’s shoulder season is a good time to travel. While the temperatures are cooler than the summer, the winter has not yet arrived, so the sun remains warm. At the same time, the sea breeze provides a cool break from the intense heat. Visiting Egypt during the shoulder season will help you avoid the crowds of the peak tourist season. Listed below are some of the best times to travel to Egypt.

It offers a variety of tour packages

Beyond the Nile Tours is an Egypt-based tour operator that specializes in eco-friendly and specialized trips. Their guides are Egyptian and possess extensive knowledge of local culture. They offer three tour packages with varying lengths and prices so that travelers can find the perfect one for their budget. They also provide an optional balloon flight over the Pyramids, if you would like to see them from above. There are several other benefits to booking a tour through this company.

It includes food and culture

It’s possible to experience all aspects of Egyptian life while traveling on an Egypt tours package. The best tours incorporate a blend of adventure and culture. With many tour companies offering custom-made packages, it’s easy to find a trip that suits your needs and budget. Many Egypt tours include optional excursions such as a felucca trip. Some of these tours are just as fun as they are educational, while others offer the opportunity to experience the local cuisine and culture firsthand.

It includes a desert safari

Whether you are looking for a roller coaster ride through the desert or you are hoping to get some much-needed rest, Egypt has something to offer everyone. The country offers a desert safari that is sure to give you the adrenaline rush that you’ve been waiting for. In addition to the desert, you can find waterfalls, beaches, and other local attractions. There are many options for desert safaris in Egypt, as well as different operators to choose from. One of the most popular destinations for this kind of trip is the Wadi El Rayan desert, which is 140 Km from Cairo.