Expedia Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

If you are looking for a trip to Egypt, you should consider Expedia egypt tours packages. There are many great deals to be found when it comes to vacation packages to Egypt. From Giza pyramids tours to Disney vacations to the ancient ruins, Egypt has something for everyone. The people of Egypt are known to smile and are very welcoming to tourists and foreigners. The country is considered to be one of the safest in the world.

Expedia egypt tours packages

If you’re interested in traveling to Egypt, you might be wondering where to start. These tours cover the most famous attractions as well as a few lesser-known sites. Many of them include flights, hotel accommodations, and government taxes. The price of an Expedia Egypt tour package may vary depending on the package you choose, but most packages will include everything you need to enjoy your time in Egypt. You’ll have the added benefit of having an English-speaking tour guide and private vehicle, as well as the convenience of having your own driver.

When traveling to Egypt, visitors should be prepared to wear long pants and cover their knees. Local women wear long skirts and long pants. Several Egypt tours include a three or four-night Nile cruise. On the luxury Nile cruise, you can stay in a well-appointed cabin and enjoy a luxurious experience. Be aware that during peak seasons, you’ll be required to pay a deposit of 50% to secure your vacation.

Disney vacations to Egypt

A vacation to Egypt is sure to awe you. The ruins of ancient civilizations are awe-inspiring. With Disney’s Adventures by Disney, you’ll learn the history of this ancient land with a local Egyptologist. In addition to private guided tours, you’ll also enjoy delicious meals and free time for exploring. As an added bonus, your Egyptologist will also share stories about the monuments and landmarks you’ll see along the way. Explore the great pyramids of Giza, the Citadel of Saladin, and the UNESCO-listed Great Mosque of Mohammad Ali.

On day five, your family can tour the Temple of Isis at Philae. You can also visit the Kom Ombo Temple, which was constructed in 180-47 BC. It features two separate temples, one dedicated to the falcon god Horus and the other to the crocodile god Sobek. If you’re looking for more activities, take part in an Egyptian cooking class or watch a Disney movie together in the lounge of the Nile River cruise ship.

Giza pyramids tour packages

Whether you are a history buff or a culture vulture, you will surely want to book a Giza pyramids tour package. Located on a plateau on the west bank of the River Nile, the pyramid complex is one of the world’s most visited landmarks. While most people expect to find an isolated desert setting, the Pyramids are surrounded by commercial development. You can visit McDonald’s or Pizza Hut right next to them.

While touring the Pyramids, make sure to avoid getting too hot, especially if you suffer from claustrophobia. The colossal structure is indeed a scary sight for anyone who experiences claustrophobia. However, the fact remains that these monuments were built by human hands, not slaves. They are nearly 400 feet tall and may be intimidating to those who suffer from claustrophobia.