Hurghada Tours

hurghada tours

If you are considering an excursion to Hurghada, Egypt, you should learn more about the local culture. The town is surrounded by a large population of Bedouin nomads who are a UNESCO world heritage site. You can go Scuba diving in the Giftun Island National Park, or visit the Pyramids and Sphinx. However, if you want to make the most of your time in Hurghada, it is recommended that you go on an organized tour of the area.

Luxor is a UNESCO world heritage site

If you love history, then a visit to Luxor is a must! This ancient city, also known as Thebes, was the capital of Egypt during the new kingdom (1570-1069 BCE), which lasted from the eleventh to the eighteenth dynasty. The ancient city lies about 419 miles south of modern Cairo, on the eastern bank of the Nile River.

Scuba diving in Giftun Island National Park

The first day of your tour will begin with a private pick-up from your hotel in Hurghada. From there, you’ll travel by air-conditioned vehicle to a boat that will take you to the Giftun Islands. The boat will drop you off at a private beach on the island and you’ll enjoy a buffet lunch before snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters. Once you’ve finished your diving, you’ll return to Hurghada and your hotel.


If you love history, you must visit the Pyramids of Hurghada. The oldest building in Egypt is over 481 feet high. You can spend hours examining the 2.3 million stone blocks that make up the pyramids. Be sure not to climb inside the pyramids unless you have permission. These buildings were once the final resting place of some mummies. The real mummies are in the Egyptian Museum.


The Great Sphinx, or the Sphinx of Giza, is located in Egypt, and is one of the most iconic monuments in the world. Standing seventy-four meters tall, this lion-like sculpture is actually a carving of a human head with a “Pharaonic” body. The great sphinx has a false beard. This incredible sculpture is now located in the British Museum in London, and has been open for visitors for the past three decades because of the work of a local dynamite expert, Hayward Phys.

Nile cruise

On a Nile cruise, you can spend a few days sightseeing along the banks of the river. You can visit the famous temple of the falcon god and crocodile god, as well as the Temple of Sobek and Haroeris. The Temple of Kom Ombo was built in the Ptolemaic period. There are several preserved court temples and statues to see. In addition to visiting the temple, you can also see some of the region’s most interesting pyramids.