Hurghada Tours

hurghada tours

There are several ways to enjoy the desert and the beaches of Hurghada, Egypt. Longer camel trips typically head out to local Bedouin settlements. From their high saddles, camel-men guide the rides, which prevent the camels from galloping. Astronomical night tours are also popular. After sunset, you can enjoy a spectacular show of stars and planets during a nocturnal astronomical night tour.

hurghada is Egypt’s oldest resort

During the winter, many Europeans travel to Hurghada to enjoy their Christmas and New Year celebrations. However, after the tragic Metrojet Flight 9268 crash in November 2015, tourists from Russia are less likely to make the journey. However, it is still safe to travel to either city. It is possible to find a hotel in either of the two cities, and they are both equally as safe as each other.

It is a beach town

If you are looking for an amazing beach holiday, then Hurghada is a must-visit destination. The town has some of the finest beaches in Egypt and boasts a stunning coastline. Aside from its sandy beaches, the town also has a variety of useful services. You can enjoy a relaxing day at Giftun Island, where the turquoise waters and white sands are particularly inviting. The beach is also home to some great resorts and restaurants, so you can dine and unwind in style!

It is a dive destination

There are a number of different dive sites available to visitors of Hurghada. One of the most popular is Sha’ab Umm Qamar, which is located between Giftun Island and the Red Sea coast. The site can be difficult to dive, however, so be sure to check the conditions. You can also opt for a liveaboard diving experience and enjoy the diversity of different diving sites in one trip.

It is a desert

There are many things to do in Hurghada. Besides the beach, you should not miss a chance to visit the famous Dahar Mosque. It is the most beautiful mosque in the city and is located in the heart of the city. It has two distinctively high minarets and is decorated inside with beautiful mosaics. It is best to see it at night, as the area is crowded with street vendors.

It is a beach destination

Though founded in the early 20th century, Hurghada has only recently become a beach destination. Guests can stroll along the city’s long Corniche, or seafront walkway, while enjoying uninterrupted views of the ocean. This 1.2 km long stretch of coast is a great place to relax or take in the sights. A public beach is an area declared by the local authorities for the general public’s use.