Hurghada Tours and Snorkelling in the Red Sea

hurghada tours

For the best Hurghada tours, opt for local operators, who will offer a more authentic experience. Some tour operators offer snorkelling in the Red Sea, a popular attraction in the resort. To experience this activity, make sure to check out the following places. There are many attractions in Hurghada, but snorkelling is probably the best one. Read on for some tips. You might even enjoy it more than you expected!

Cairo Islamic marvels

If you’ve ever been to Egypt, you know that the capital city is full of cultural and historical treasures. Islamic architecture is no exception in Cairo, which is home to the greatest concentration of such monuments in the world. Important patrons from the seventh to the nineteenth centuries built mosques, baths, caravanserai, and other architectural masterpieces that rang out as among the greatest achievements of humanity. UNESCO has designated Cairo as a World Heritage City, and you should not miss this dazzling display of Islamic art.


The Pyramids of Hurghada are an iconic landmark of the Egyptian Red Sea coastline. They have been known to attract pilgrims for centuries. The area is also home to a large population of Bedouin nomads who still live in tents on the desert edge. While on a Hurghada tour, it is essential to visit the Sphinx and Pyramids of the Sphinx. There is also plenty to do in Hurghada.

Nile cruise

In southern Upper Egypt, you can find many tourism sites and the most popular one of them is the Nile Cruise. It draws in millions of tourists every year, both domestic and foreign. The atmosphere on a cruise on the Nile is more natural and peaceful, and you will enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Some Nile cruises also include optional excursions. A few of these tours also include entrance tickets to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Luxor dusty tombs

One of the best things to do in Luxor is tour the Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of many of Egypt’s kings. These tombs are adorned with elaborate wall paintings and are the number one stop on a tour of the west bank. The Egyptians believed that the dead sailed through the underworld during the night, and these tombs depict this journey beautifully.

Gigantic temples

The most impressive tourist object in Hurghada is the massive Karnak temple, which is a 1.5-thousand-year-old architectural complex dedicated to the god Amun. A visit to this monument would take more than a day. For those who are on a budget, there are cheaper options available that don’t break the bank. You can also choose from a variety of Hurghada tours.

Red Sea

There are many exciting things to do on Hurghada tours – Red Sea. For starters, you can take a traditional felucca trip, or explore the local markets. If you want to get a closer look at the underwater world, you can go scuba diving in Hurghada. The red sea has many species of fish, some of which are unique to the area. It’s also possible to go snorkelling in Hurghada.