Intrepid, Beyond the Nile, and Cleopatra Egypt Tours

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There are many different Egypt tours available, but there are some key elements that you should consider before booking your Egypt tour. Below, we’ll review the Intrepid Egypt tours, Beyond the Nile Tours, and Cleopatra Egypt Tours, and discuss the pros and cons of each. Depending on your budget, you may prefer a smaller group tour, which is often more affordable. If you’re looking to avoid the hassles of buying a visa, we recommend you opting for a small group tour with Friendly Planet.


Intrepid Egypt tours include an optional cruise on the Nile. Located in the Nile Delta, this scenic river tour includes stops in Alexandria and Luxor. The tour also includes time at the Red Sea and on a traditional felucca cruise. While on tour, you’ll also experience the hospitality of the Nubian people. After touring the Valley of the Kings, your group will spend time relaxing on the beach or taking in some of Egypt’s most stunning scenery.

Intrepid Egypt tours are available at a wide range of prices. You should always read the itinerary carefully before booking. Make sure the group size and accommodation are right for you. Also, be prepared for the many sad animals you’ll see on tour. And make sure you’ve downloaded an Uber app to get around in Cairo if necessary. In addition, check if Intrepid offers discounts on their tours during post-Christmas sales or Black Friday sales.

Beyond the Nile Tours

Beyond the Nile Tours is an Egypt tour company that uses local guides with extensive historical and cultural knowledge. This company offers three tours, ranging from eight days to two weeks, so you can customize the itinerary to fit your budget and needs. The tours also include optional balloon rides over the Pyramids. In addition, each tour offers a private tour guide and expert commentary, making for a truly memorable Egypt tour experience.

The itinerary for this multi-day tour from Cairo starts from US$360 per person and includes round-trip air-flight tickets. Highlights of the itinerary include the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and a guided tour of Old Town. Besides the sightseeing tours, the tour includes additional activities, such as a hot-air balloon ride and admission to various tourist attractions. A few tours even include a day of leisure in Hurghada, where you can relax and enjoy the views.

Cleopatra Egypt Tours

If you’re looking for a great tour to Egypt, look no further than Cleopatra Egypt Tours. Their Egypt packages feature everything from the best luxury tours to cheap holidays in Egypt. They can also arrange an itinerary that includes some of Egypt’s lesser-known sites. For example, you can visit the former capital of Memphis and see the fourteen pyramids of Abu Sir. You can also book flights with the tour company so you can avoid paying for airfare on your own.

There are plenty of places to see during Cleopatra Egypt Tours, but the three-night tour at the Giza Complex is one of the most popular. It includes a private tour of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Your guide will even give you a private tour of the pyramids if you choose to do so. The Sound and Light show is also a must-see for tourists.

Memphis Tours

To get the most out of your trip to Egypt, consider a Memphis tour. This city was once the capital of Egypt and was the place where the state god Ptah was worshipped. Today, it is home to a colossal statue of Ramses II and an enormous sphinx, carved from alabaster. Both are highly photographed and are among the oldest and most famous attractions of Memphis. Memphis was also home to royal palaces and a vast necropolis.

Before the Egyptian capital of Cairo was built, the city of Memphis reigned as the capital of Egypt for thousands of years. Founded by the quasi-mythical pharaoh Menes in 2925 B.C., it was the first imperial city on earth. Memphis is home to many archaeological sites, including the Temple of Ptah, guarded by a massive alabaster sphinx.