Planning a Day Trip in Egypt

day trip in egypt

When planning a day trip in Egypt, you may be wondering where to go. There are many sites to see in Egypt, but if you have only one day to spend in the country, the best places to visit are Abu Simbel, Salah Eldin Citadel, Dahshur, Alexandria, and Luxor. Read on to learn about these incredible attractions. After reading this guide, you will be well on your way to planning a great day trip.

Abu Simbel

A day trip to Abu Simbel will allow you to experience the grandeur of this ancient Egyptian temple. While the pyramids are the main draws of Egypt, don’t miss the smaller temples as well. The Great Temple is dedicated to the gods Amon-Ra, Ra-Harakhti, and Ptah. The smaller temple is dedicated to the Queen Nefertari. In total, you will see approximately 300 statues and more than a thousand carved out of stone.

From Cairo, you can connect with an Aswan-Abu Simbel flight to reach Abu-Simbel. Alternatively, you can take a long day trip from Cairo to Abu Simbel. Alternatively, you can opt for an organised bus tour, which costs between $50 and $70 per person. A private transfer is a great middle ground between a private trip and an organised bus tour. In addition, if you want to make your tour even more private, we recommend booking the trip through Egypt Tours Portal.

Salah Eldin Citadel

If you’re looking for a fascinating day trip in Cairo, consider taking a day trip to Salah Eldin Citadel. This fortress on a hill in central Cairo is famous for its rich history. Originally built in the 11th century to defend Egypt against crusaders, it has witnessed many important events. A tour of the Citadel offers a unique view of the city.

The museum showcases over 120000 items from 5000 years of Egyptian history. There are two floors to explore, and the top floor houses the oldest surviving historical document in the world, mummies room, and collection of King Tutankhamun. If the sky is clear, you can even see the great pyramids. Be sure to bring a camera with you to capture these stunning views! During your day trip to Salah Eldin Citadel, you’ll also get to see some of the most popular monuments in Cairo, like the pyramids.


A day trip to Dahshur, Egypt is an excellent option for those wanting to see some of the world’s most ancient pyramids. This ancient city, 23 miles south of central Cairo, is home to three pyramids, including the Red Pyramid, which is the oldest and best preserved. Built during the reign of King Sneferu, the Red Pyramid represents ancient Egypt’s first attempt to build a true pyramid.

If you plan on driving to Dahshur, you should make an early start. You can reach the site from Cairo in about an hour and a half. Depending on traffic, it could take as long as five to six hours. If you’re looking to get a good view of the pyramids, try to arrive before 2 pm. You’ll have about three hours to tour the pyramids before they close.


If you’re planning a day trip to Alexandria, Egypt, you’ll need some essential items to bring along. Most tourists will need comfortable walking shoes, a camera, and comfy clothes. If you’ll be visiting the waterfront, bring a swimsuit. If the weather is cold, bring layers of warmer clothing. Taxis are plentiful in Alexandria, so ask the hotel staff about normal fares. Make sure to negotiate with the driver.

There are several ways to get to Alexandria from Cairo. A cheap train service exists between Cairo and Alexandria. Most trains arrive at the main rail stations in Cairo and Alexandria, and take about 2.5 hours. You can opt for a train or bus or hire a private car service to save time and money. For the most comfort, consider taking a guided tour. These tours are the most convenient way to travel and usually include transportation and an expert guide.