Planning a Day Trip to Egypt?

day trip in egypt

If you are planning a day trip to Egypt, you may want to start by visiting the Citadel of Saladin, Abu Simbel, Salah Eldin Citadel, Saqqara, and the Hanging Church. These are a few of the major attractions of the ancient city. If you are a history buff, you will probably also enjoy a trip to Giza. But if you want to see the best of the city, you should definitely spend at least a day here.

Abu Simbel

If you are interested in seeing one of the most famous temples in Egypt, you may want to consider an Abu Simbel day trip from Cairo. This historical monument is located near Luxor and Aswan, so you can take advantage of a day trip from either city. Some companies offer one-way flights to Abu Simbel from Cairo, while others offer multi-day tours. The most popular of these tours is the one to Cairo and Abu Simbel from Luxor.

Salah Eldin Citadel

If you’re in Cairo and looking for a great day trip, look no further than a day trip to Salah Eldin Citadel in the city’s south. This historic citadel was built at the end of the 12th century, when Salah El Din Al Ayoby was the greatest leader in the world. This was the capital of Egypt for a period of more than a century, and is now one of the world’s greatest monuments to medieval warfare.


A day trip to Saqqara in Egypt will give you the opportunity to visit a fascinating ancient burial ground. While in the area, you can see the oldest step pyramid in the world, as well as many other impressive structures. This site was a cultural center in the ancient world and the step pyramid of Djoser is one of the most impressive. The step pyramid was built during the Third Dynasty, some two thousand years before the Giza pyramids.

The Hanging Church

A day trip to Cairo is not complete without visiting the Hanging Church. This ancient church, built in the 3rd century, is an architectural wonder. It is located in the ancient town of Coptic Cairo, a holy place where many different religions and civilizations met. This attraction is an excellent place to visit with family and friends. It is a great place to observe the history of Christianity, and the architecture of this church is remarkable.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

To get the most out of your The Great Pyramids of Giza day trip, it is recommended that you arrive early. Most tour groups do not arrive at the Pyramids until around 10am, so you will have a chance to take pictures in peace and quiet without the crowds. Also, arriving early will keep you cooler in the hot sun. Besides, it is advisable to bring your camera with you, as you will not want to miss an important moment!