The Benefits of Egypt Tours

egypt tours

Whether you’re looking to visit the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, or simply want to experience the wonder of the sands and the sky, Egypt tours offer an incredible way to explore the country. These trips will take you to such locations as Aswan, Alexandria, Al-Minya, Fayoum, and Luxor, just to name a few. The benefits of these trips are truly unforgettable, and are an excellent way to explore the culture and history of Egypt.

On the Go Tours

From the pharaohs to the modern era, Egypt’s historic monuments sit along the fertile valley of the Nile River. The pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, Karnak Temple, and Valley of the Kings are just a few examples of the ancient Egyptian history. A trip to Cairo will also allow you to see the Egyptian Museum, Muhammad Ali Mosque, and many Ottoman landmarks.


There are several types of Intrepid Egypt tours. The most expensive one is the luxury version, which includes a private guide and a flight to Abu Simbel. But this tour isn’t just for the rich. There are also less-expensive versions that are suitable for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. For example, you can choose a comfort trip, which includes the trip to the Edfu Temple by air, but you will be missing out on the more famous and more valuable tomb. The Intrepid Foundation runs an animal care project in Luxor that helps keep Egyptian animals and teaches tourists about the importance of animal welfare. There are also several discounts for Intrepid Egypt tours, particularly around the holidays and Black Friday sales.

Look at Egypt Tours

Founded in 2006, Look at Egypt Tours provides sustainable, responsible, and customized sightseeing tours in Egypt. Its local guides provide a unique perspective of the country, providing guests with first-hand knowledge and insight. The company specializes in accessible tourism, offering tours for all types of travelers, including those with limited mobility. Look at Egypt Tours also offers tours of the wider Middle East. For a more customized trip, contact Look at Egypt Tours to plan your dream vacation.

Memphis Tours

Whether you are visiting Cairo on a business trip or just want to see some of the city’s attractions, Memphis Tours will be able to help you make the most of your time in Egypt. Picked up from your hotel in Cairo, Memphis Tours will take you to the great pyramids and the Valley Temple. These ancient structures date back to the time of the Chephren dynasty and serve two main functions. They were used for mummification, and purification of the deceased.

On the Nile

If you’re looking for a unique tour that combines sightseeing and relaxation, consider Egypt tours on the Nile. There are many different ways to enjoy the sights of this historic country. You can opt to visit the Egyptian Museum during the morning or the afternoon, or take a traditional Felucca along the Nile. Other activities include visiting the Hanging Church, the Holy Family’s burial site, and the Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrasa.