Top 3 Things to Do in Hurghada

day trip in hurghada

Planning a day trip to Luxor? Here are some things to do in the city. From Snorkeling in hurghada to a Guided tour to Valley of the Kings, you’ll have the most exciting trip ever. Read on to discover more! Until then, have fun exploring the area! And stay tuned for my next article! Here, I’ll talk about my top three tips to make your Hurghada day trip the most enjoyable ever.

Luxor day trip from hurghada

One of the best ways to explore Egypt’s historical sites is to take a Luxor day trip from Hurghada. These tours are offered by many tour companies and include a private A/C vehicle and English-speaking tour guide. The cost of these tours is 65$ per person, and a special group or family price is available. You can pay in Egyptian pounds, dollars or pounds sterling, and you will be given exact change before you leave.

You can choose an air-conditioned minibus or a shared bus for families of three. This way, you can relax during the 5-hour trip. Alternatively, you can book a direct bus from Hurghada to Luxor, which will take around 120 minutes. The cost will depend on the number of passengers, but the price includes entrance fees to all three sites and lunch in a local restaurant. You will also be accompanied by an experienced tour guide, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself!

Snorkeling in hurghada

Many of the coral reefs in Hurghada have been destroyed by hotel construction, but you can still find pristine ones here. You’ll find pink, purple and blue stubby branching corals, massive corals, flitting reef fish, and turtles. You can also encounter rays, barracuda, and morays. And don’t forget to watch out for crocodile fish!

One of the most popular snorkeling spots in the Red Sea area is Hurghada. The Red Sea city was once a small fishing village but today is a bustling tourist metropolis. There are many beautiful locations to snorkel in Hurghada, including submerged pinnacles and small islands. You can also enjoy some quieter bays, including some that are far from the crowded tourist areas.

Guided tour to Valley of the Kings from hurghada

If you’d like to visit the ruins of the ancient Pharaohs, a guided tour to the Valley of the Kings is a great option. The Valley of the Kings is located in central Egypt, 300 km from Hurghada. You can see some of the world’s most famous tombs and landmarks on this day trip. The Colossi of Memnon, as well as the ancient temple of Hatshepsut, can be seen in the Valley of the Kings.

While you can drive to the Valley of the Kings on your own, a guided tour to the Valley of the Kings from Hurghada is the best way to see these incredible sites. You can choose between a standard ticket or a special one if you want to be sure you’re seeing everything. If you want to spend more time at the Valley, you can book a private transfer from Hurghada to the Valley of the Kings.