Top 5 Sites to See on a Day Trip in Egypt

day trip in egypt

While the Pyramids of Giza are the only man-made wonders of the ancient world, there are many other ancient structures worth seeing on a day trip in Egypt. Visit Saqqara, Memphis, Dahshur, and the Giza Necropolis, which contains pharaonic burial sites, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Inner Chamber of Menkaure. You can even get up close to the pyramids from inside the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Taking a day trip to Saqqara in Egypt is a great way to see this ancient site in a single day. The site is vast, so you can visit a variety of sites during your trip, but a private driver will be able to ferry you from one site to another without having to navigate the complex maze of streets. Saqqara is a great option for those who are traveling on a budget.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

If you are looking for a great day trip in Egypt, take the time to visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This historic site is a world-renowned library and learning center. Founded by Alexander the Great, this museum exhibits artifacts and archaeological finds. One of the best museums in Alexandria is the Antiquities Museum, but don’t miss the Alexandria National Museum as well.

Edfu Temple

A Day trip to Edfu Temple is the perfect way to explore Ancient Egypt. The city of Edfu is located about 110 kilometers south of Luxor and was home to the cult center of the God Horus of Behdt. Horus is the Protector God of the Egyptians, represented as either a Falcon or a man with a Falcon’s head. The Edfu Temple of Horus was built during the Greco-Roman period, and it took around 180 years to complete. Today, it is the oldest fully intact temple in Egypt. The temple was built in honor of the god Horus, and it was dedicated to the Beautiful Gathering.

Kom Ombo

When visiting Kom Ombo in Egypt, don’t just focus on the Temple of Kom Ombo. The city has more to offer than just the Temple. In addition to the pharaonic propaganda, you can visit the Temple of Sobek, which was built around 1350 B.C. This imposing monument is a double temple dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haroeris. The Temple is home to two distinct cults – one dedicated to the good and the other to the evil.


If you are visiting Egypt for the first time, you will be amazed by the incredible history and architecture of this open-air museum. Luxor is the largest open-air museum in the world, and is home to many of the world’s most important pharaohs. To see these ancient ruins, you will need to make plans in advance. If you do not have the time to make the trip yourself, you can save this article to your Pinterest account and plan a trip to Luxor when you have time.