What to Do on a Day Trip in Egypt

day trip in egypt

If you’re planning to travel to Egypt, a day trip is a great way to see more of the country. From historical sites in Luxor and Aswan to sea sports in the red sea, Egypt has it all. You can also take a day trip to Dahab or Hurghada and enjoy all the attractions of each city. Here’s what to do on your day trip to Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

To get to the Pyramids of Giza, you need to buy a ticket for the Giza Plateau. This ticket is valid for access to the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. You can buy up to 300 tickets a day for entry. You must buy a separate ticket if you wish to take a tripod. The tickets cover admission to the Great Pyramid, Khafre’s Pyramid, Menkaure Pyramid, and the Queen of Cheops Pyramid. To access the Pyramids, you must have a ticket and pay the required fees. You must also arrive early to avoid the heat.

Once inside the complex, you must take the elevator or taxi to the Pyramids’ Panorama. It is possible to see the Pyramids from the Panorama, but you must be aware of the security issues there. You may be tempted to ride camels, but it’s not worth the extra expense. It will take you about 15 minutes to reach the ruins of the Sphinx. The trip should only take about an hour.

Egyptian Museum

If you are looking for a day tour from Cairo to learn about ancient Egypt, then a day trip to the Egyptian Museum is just what you need. You will be guided by a professional Egyptologist who will speak your language and pay the entrance fees to all the mentioned sites. Then, you can have lunch at a nearby restaurant. And, of course, you can spend as much time as you want. It’s an incredible experience!

To make your day trip to the Egyptian Museum even more exciting, Vacations in Egypt can arrange private day tours to the museum. The tour includes hotel pick-up and a private air-conditioned minivan ride. Your private Egyptologist guide will explain the museum’s main collections and customize your tour to fit your needs and interests. This museum displays more than 16,000 Egyptian artifacts, including a gold death mask and six gilded coffins. You can also marvel at the collection of gold jewelry from King Tutankhamen’s tomb and even see memorabilia from the Arab Spring.

Wadi El Rayan

Take a day trip to Wadi El Rayan, an oasis located in northern Jordan, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty you’ll see. With 140 species of birds and 24 types of mammals, this oasis is an excellent place to spot wildlife, especially migratory birds. The area is also a great place to see fossils and see many endangered species of animals. You can also take a felucca ride through the beautiful lakes in this unique environment, and extend your feet out over the water to experience the tranquility and peace of the desert.

From Cairo, you can easily reach Wadi El Rayan by car. You can also opt for a full day tour to El Fayoum, where you can see the pyramids. Local tour operators offer daily guided tours to this beautiful site. The trip to Wadi El Rayan is about one and a half hours long by car, and includes national park entrance fees, lunch, and a guided tour of the area. Whether you’re looking for an exotic adventure, or simply want to relax in a desert oasis, the Wadi El Rayan day trip is a must-do on your Egypt travels.

Cairo Tower

You must include a day trip to Cairo Tower on your itinerary if you are planning to visit Egypt. The Cairo Tower is an observation tower in the city of Cairo, Egypt. The tower was designed by prominent Egyptian architect Naoum Shebib. The tower is famous for its panoramic view of Cairo and the surrounding region. Visitors can admire the city’s skyline, the pyramids and the start of the Sahara Desert. The tower’s base is constructed of polished pink Aswan granite. Its spires are adorned with eight million mosaics.

The Cairo Tower is located on Gezira Island, which is close to Downtown Cairo. It costs 200 LE to climb the tower. Once at the top, you can visit the Revolving Restaurant. A buffet lunch costs about 250 LE per person. You can also enjoy the views of the city from the top of the tower. Other day trips from Cairo include visiting Saqqara, Dahshur, and Memphis. Memphis is Egypt’s first capital and is a great place for a day trip from Cairo.