What to Expect From Egypt Tours Packages

egypt tours packages

There are countless Egypt tours packages to choose from. Some of these tour packages include the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, and Luxor. Other packages focus on the southern sites such as Aswan, the Nile River, and Hurghada. Here is a look at what to expect during your trip. After reading this guide, you will be well-equipped to choose the best Egypt tour package for you!


An 8-day Luxor on Egypt tours package includes four nights in a five-star hotel in Giza and three nights on a luxury Nile Cruise ship. The price also includes domestic flights, all sightseeing tours and airport pick-ups and drop-offs, and government taxes. You’ll also get VIP experiences, including private access to the Giza Plateau and Great Sphinx enclosure. All the transportation is air-conditioned and there’s an English-speaking tour guide. There are also a number of hotels and experiences included in this package, as well.


If you want to travel in the most beautiful way, book an Egypt tours package that includes the city of Aswan. This ancient city was a center of worship for the Ptah god. Here you will find a great sphinx, an impressive royal palace, and the vast necropolis. But today, only a few ruins remain. So, what should you expect from an Egypt tour package?


If you want to see the iconic Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum, consider Pyramids on Egypt tours packages. You’ll be escorted by an expert local guide during your visit. Choose one of these all-inclusive tours to see the sites of ancient Egypt, including the Pyramids and Sphinx. Or, choose a multi-day package to see all of these sites.

Nile River cruise

Many of the Nile River cruise Egypt tours packages include return flights and train travel. In some cases, these tours include entrance to the main sights in Cairo. In other cases, they are just cruises, but you’ll need to arrange additional activities, such as a hot air balloon ride. If you’d rather stay on the cruise ship, some packages include dinners on board. A few additional amenities to look for are free entrance to the Egyptian Museum, or tickets to a popular show or museum.


Luxury Cairo tours packages are available for visitors who are looking to explore the country’s natural attractions. A visit to Lake Qarun will help tourists experience the awe-inspiring landscape of the Red Sea and the wetlands of the Nile Valley. The wetlands are also home to flamingos and other migratory birds. Luxury Cairo tours packages can be booked through specialized companies. These companies arrange luxury Cairo tours for visitors who are interested in visiting wildlife sanctuaries.


If you’re planning a trip to Alexandria, Egypt, then you should consider purchasing one of the Alexandria tours packages. Not only will these packages save you time and money, but you can also find the best flights and hotels at competitive rates. To save even more money, you can also check out Expedia, which has over 550 airlines and 1,000,000 hotels. Expedia also has Alexandria travel information, including information on quarantine policies and other important considerations.

Kom El Shokaf

Catacombs in Kom El Shokaf are one of the most fascinating features of an Egypt tour. These underground burial caves date back to the 2nd century AD and combine the decorative styles of ancient Egypt, Rome, and Hellenistic civilizations. The complex features three levels of rock-cut tombs. Visitors can explore all of them. They stretch for 35 meters (115 feet) under the ground. Some tombs even have ancient Egyptian statues.