What to Expect on a Day Trip to Egypt

day trip in egypt

If you want to see some of Egypt’s most ancient monuments and temples, a day trip to Al Fayoum may be your ticket. The oasis is a few hundred kilometers south of Cairo. Many Cairo hotels arrange day tours to Al Fayoum. However, if you are travelling on your own, negotiating with a taxi driver may be enough. If you are travelling alone, leave Cairo early in the morning to avoid the rush hour traffic. If you’re in Cairo, you may want to book a taxi in advance.

Alexandria is a library and cultural center

The modern Bibliotheca, the city’s cultural center, is a landmark attraction. The library contains eight million volumes and has striking exterior architecture. Inside, you can explore the museum’s four permanent museums and a planetarium. If you’re not into archaeology, you might want to skip Alexandria and head for the nearby city of Heliopolis. Both Alexandria’s ancient and modern libraries are well worth a visit.

Giza Plateau is a must-see

If you are planning a day trip to Egypt, it is important to know what to expect from the tour. The first stop of any Egypt tour should be the Giza Plateau. This vast plateau is walkable, but the dunes and desert surrounding the pyramids are off limits. You can hire a horse or a camel to get around these sites. The trip takes approximately one hour.

Abu Simbel is a double-decker temple

If you are planning a single-day visit to Egypt, Abu Simbel is the place to go. Located southwest of Aswan, this ancient city is filled with wonder and history. The first temple here was built by King Ramses II, who wanted the internal chamber of the temple to be illuminated twice a year, on his birthday and on the 22nd of October. In the 1960s, when the Aswan Dam was being built, Lake Nasser was rising and the Abu Simbel temple complex was in danger of being inundated. As a result, the temple complex was moved to a higher elevation, which raised it over 60 meters. Once it was raised to this elevation, it was rebuilt in the same relationship to the sun. Today, the site is protected by a natural mountain.

Kom Ombo is a double-decker temple

The crocodile-headed god Sobek is the main deity of the temple and it’s worth visiting the museum to see mummified crocodiles. In Edfu, you can see the best preserved pharaonic temple, the Temple of Horus, in the middle of a bustling town. This temple was built for the falcon-headed god of the sky. But what makes Kom Ombo unique? The temple is located 45km north of Aswan, on the east bank of the Nile.

Salah Eldin Citadel is a relaxing destination

A day trip to Salah Eldin Citadel is an excellent way to unwind during your Egypt vacation. This magnificent fortress is located on a hill just outside the center of Cairo. The fortress is legendary. It was built between 1176 and 1182 AD by Salah El Din, the founder of the Ayyubid Ruler. Its original purpose was to protect the country from invasion from the Crusaders and the French in 1798. Inspired by the fortresses of Syria and Lebanon, the fortress was originally built as a stronghold against the Crusaders.

Edfu Temple is a double-decker temple

The incline of the stone walls at Edfu conveys a message of reverence and awe. The feeling of approaching a sacred heart is palpable and there is a strong awareness of being within it. The ruins are the last known structures to feature this kind of architecture. This temple is truly a masterpiece of ancient Egypt. You may be wondering why the inscriptions on the walls of Edfu are so incomparable.

Memphis is a Christian country

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