Day Tours in Hurghada, Egypt

day tours in hurghada

There are several different options for day tours in Hurghada, Egypt, and it is important to choose one that suits your needs. You can choose a Hurghada tour that takes you to the Luxor Temple and Mahmya Island, and you can even go Scuba diving! Read on to learn more about the different options available. Here are just some of the most popular ones:

Luxor Temple

Day tours to Luxor Temple in Hurgada will take you to the ancient city of Luxor. The Karnak Complex is dedicated to the triad of Thebes, Amon-Re, Mut, and Konsou. You’ll also visit the Valley of the Artists and Luxor Bazaar. The tour will conclude with a boat ride to the western bank of Luxor where you can see the Karnak Temple.

When to visit Luxor, you should plan your tour during spring or fall, when the weather is more pleasant and crowds lessened. To avoid overcrowding, be sure to change your US dollars into Egyptian Pounds before you arrive, so you can spend it on souvenirs. You’ll also need to prepare for the heat by wearing loose, comfortable clothing. You’ll also want to bring a camera.

Mahmya Island

If you love pristine beaches, water sports, and unique cuisine, you’ll love the Mahmya Island day tour in Hurghada. You’ll have access to the best views of the Red Sea and luxurious seafood, while also enjoying the service of a professional team. You can even get free gifts, like a VIP pharaonic statue, and even special gifts for kids. You can visit Mahmya Island from Hurghada’s downtown waterfront or from one of the surrounding islands.

On one of the Mahmya Island day tours in Hurghelda, you’ll get to explore the private island and enjoy snorkeling, beach volleyball, and free Wi-Fi at the lounge. You’ll also have the option to enjoy lunch and drinks in a restaurant. Your tour will end with a transfer back to Hurghada. Guests can also stay overnight on Mahmya Island to enjoy the nightlife.

Orange Bay

If you’re looking for a memorable day trip, consider an Orange Bay snorkeling tour. This excursion takes you to a beautiful island that looks like a Caribbean paradise. You can expect a boat ride of about forty minutes to reach the island’s dock. Once there, passengers can enjoy the beach and snorkel with manta rays and tropical fish. You can also opt to relax on a hammock or in a bean bag. Lunch is included, and a soft drink is included in the price.

The boat trip to Orange Bay starts with a pick-up from your hotel. Then, you’ll head to Giftun Island, located in the Red Sea, where you can explore colourful coral reefs. Located 45 minutes away from Hurghada, Orange Bay Giftun Island is an idyllic destination for snorkelling. There are no fewer than ten snorkeling spots in the Red Sea, and visitors can enjoy the coral reefs, lagoons, and pristine white sands while enjoying the view.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving day tours in Hurghadia are great for beginning divers as well as those with a background in scuba diving. Each dive tour features an on-board lunch, dive instruction, and contact with other diving enthusiasts. The day includes two dive sites, two different dive sites, and lunch. These tours are a great way to learn about the sport while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Below are a few highlights of the tours:

Scuba diving day tours in Hurghadia take place in the Red Sea. The tour departs from the Diving Center Hurghada, which offers scuba diving trips for both beginners and professionals. The trip includes lunch and two dives at the site of your choice, and includes a short orientation. Some diving day tours include free diving and other dive sites that are available to guests. For more information about diving in Hurghadia, see below!