Which Egypt Tours Should You Take?

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When it comes to Egypt tours, there are several options to choose from. You can choose among several companies, such as On the Go Tours and Beyond the Nile Tours. But which one should you choose? Which Egypt tours are the best? Which one has the most exciting and authentic experience? We’ve reviewed some of our favorites, including Tauck, Abercrombie & Kent, and Beyond the Nile Tours.

On the Go Tours

On the Go Tours in Egypt take travelers from Cairo to Giza, the pyramid-studded valley that connects northeast Africa and the Middle East. The country is home to some of the world’s most iconic monuments, dating back to the time of the pharaohs. Located on the fertile Nile River, these sites include Giza’s Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Karnak Temple, and the Valley of the Kings tombs. The vibrant capital Cairo is also home to the Egyptian Museum, Muhammad Ali Mosque, and other Ottoman landmarks.

Beyond the Nile Tours

Beyond the Nile Tours in Egypt offers guided tours to the ancient sights of Egypt and a luxurious cruise on the river. The tour will take you to the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel, and Aswan, among others. You will also spend time on a three-night cruise on the Nile. Each tour is tailored to suit the needs of its participants. Fares are included, as are airfare, airline taxes, and departure fees.

Abercrombie & Kent

Aside from the luxury accommodations and service provided by the company’s tour guides, the best thing about an Abercrombie & Kent Egypt tour is that you’ll be able to travel safely and responsibly. Because the company focuses on providing you with a unique experience, their guides have a high level of expertise, and their support is unobtrusive. In addition, the company is also a great place to get a good education about a particular destination.


Travelers on Tauck Egypt tours will experience new experiences next year. They will be able to enjoy a private tour of the Valley of the Kings, a visit to King Tutankhamun’s tomb, and a multiple-night cruise on the Nile aboard the Oberoi riverboat. In addition, Tauck has restored wall paintings in Tutankhamun’s tomb, upgraded lighting, and renovated walkways.


For the ultimate biblical experience, choose one of the Exodus Egypt tours. You’ll experience Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in one trip! Depending on your interests, you may also spend some time exploring the cities of Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Haifa, and the Holy Land. You’ll also visit Mount Carmel, the Western Wall, and Beit She’an, the largest archeological park in Israel.


OAT Egypt tours focus on people and cultural interaction. You’ll dine with local families and visit schools and small communities. You’ll also learn to cook local food and make traditional crafts. Itineraries are carefully planned to provide the best possible travel experience for your money. If you’re looking for a truly authentic Egyptian experience, consider an OAT tour. This tour company caters to travelers aged 50 and up. Its diverse selection of trips will make for a memorable experience.