Places to See on a Day Trip to Egypt

day trip in egypt

Planning a day trip to Egypt? Here are a few things to do and places to visit! You will be surprised at the sheer number of fascinating ancient monuments that Egypt has to offer! From the Temple of Sobek to the Temple of Haroeris, you’ll be able to explore the history and culture of Egypt like a local. Here are a few of our favorite places in Egypt.

Temple of Sobek

A visit to the Temple of Sobek is well worth the time. The temple is a double-temple, with the Horus temple and the Sobek Temple built side by side. The buildings are linked and symmetrical. Ptolemy the seventh built a hypostyle hall in 51BC, and Trajan added the outer walls and the forecourt. The entrance gate is presumed to have been built by Ptolemy XII, the father of Cleopatra.

Temple of Haroeris

The Temple of Haroeris is a magnificent landmark in Luxor, Egypt. Its double temple design duplicates rooms for two sets of gods: the southern half is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god and creator of the world, while the northern half is dedicated to Haroeris, the falcon-headed sky god. Haroeris was also known as Horus the Elder or the Good Sister and was worshipped by all other gods.

Temple of Philae

A day trip to the Temple of Philae is a must-do for any tourist in Aswan. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, this beautiful temple is situated on an island south of the Aswan Dam. It was built before the British constructed the dam in 1902, and has vivid reliefs and hieroglyphic inscriptions. The Temple of Philae is said to have more than ten thousand names, and is a prime example of a cult built around a goddess.

Temple of Kabasha

A Day trip to Temple of Kabasha in the southwestern part of Egypt is an interesting way to learn more about this ancient Egyptian temple complex. The temple complex is made up of four separate temples and contains several vestibules and chambers. In the Small Temple, you can visit the temple of Hathor. The sanctuary features statues of Ramesses II, Ptah, Amon-Ra, Ra-Harakhti, and Hathor.

Aswan High Dam

A day trip to Aswan High Dam in Egypt is a popular choice for travelers who want to see a major landmark. This man-made lake is the world’s largest artificial lake, which was built to stop the annual flood from flooding the Nile valley and fertilising farmer fields. The high dam has a triumphal arch and inscription commemorating its completion. It is easy to reach and is often included in day trips to Abu Simbel.