Top 5 Highlights of Egypt Tours

egypt tours

Travellers on Egypt tours are always enchanted by the majestic Great Pyramids of Giza. These iconic ancient wonders have enthralled travellers for millennia, and they are still an integral part of many tours. Other highlights of Egypt tours include the Valley of the Kings, home to the royal tombs of the pharaohs. And while touring Luxor, you will find the largest open-air museum in the world.

Inside Egypt

An Inside Egypt tour gives you the opportunity to experience the world-famous sights of Egypt firsthand. These tours include all entrance fees to sights, sightseeing, and local culture. You’ll also have a multilingual Egyptology expert as your tour guide, as well as transportation between Cairo and Luxor airports. These tours also include airport transfers and basic health insurance. Inside Egypt tours are ideal for anyone interested in the history and culture of Egypt.

Memphis Tours

There are many reasons to visit Memphis, Egypt. The city was the capital of ancient Egypt and was the center of worship for the state god Ptah. You can visit the massive statue of Ramses II as well as the beautiful sphinx, carved from alabaster and weighing 80 tons. Memphis also had many important buildings and was the location of royal palaces. The city also had a large necropolis.

Cleopatra Egypt Tours

You can expect the finest service and attention to detail with Cleopatra Egypt Tours. The company is a renowned name in the Egypt travel industry with over 15 years of experience. The tour package includes everything you need to enjoy your trip to Egypt, including luxury accommodations, all sightseeing tours, and meals. It also includes domestic airfare, basic health insurance, and taxes. Read on to learn more about this tour.

Beyond the Nile Tours

If you’d like to visit the great pyramids of Giza and other ruins, you’re in luck. Beyond the Nile Tours in Egypt offers a wide range of guided and leisure activities. Choose the tour that suits your budget and schedule best. From a relaxing Nile cruise to a balloon ride over the Pyramids, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of sights and sounds of this ancient country.

Sanctuary Retreats

Taking a cruise on the Nile is a great way to get to know a destination on a budget while still enjoying a luxurious experience. A number of river cruises operate by Sanctuary Retreats in Egypt, including the famous Nile Adventurer. All of these cruises offer comfortable and luxurious accommodations that feature art deco influences and natural teak wood. The company also offers expertly curated shore excursions. Whether you want to spend a night in a local village or see ancient sights in an exotic location, you’ll have the perfect vacation experience on a luxury river cruise.

Oberoi Hotels

The Oberoi Hotel in Hurghada is an all-suite resort on the Red Sea that is just 20 minutes away from the airport. The property is situated on a beach front on the Red Sea and offers a range of recreational activities. Guests can explore the country’s ancient sites while staying at this resort. The resort is also close to the Hurghada International Airport and is a short drive from the city centre.